Association of Tour Operators in Russia Discussed the Tourist Season in Abkhazia

2021 / 06 / 24

The Association of Tour Operators in Russia discussed whether a decrease in prices should be expected during the holiday season in Abkhazia after the opening of borders with Turkey and other countries.

Tour operators say Abkhazia is experiencing one of its best seasons in recent years this summer, fueled by travel restrictions to other destinations.

Compared to the pre-pandemic season of 2019, the demand for tours increased by 30-70% in Abkhazia. Gagra, Bichvinta and Sokhumi are the most popular resorts in Abkhazia.

According to the Alean tour operator, Abkhazia is the fourth in the rating of sales of domestic destinations, accounting for 7.3% of summer bookings. In terms of popularity, Abkhazia is inferior only to Kuban, Crimea and the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Booking Rates

Hotels and accommodation in Abkhazia are 90-100% booked for the first half of July and August. Average occupancy for the summer season is 90%.

According to the Russian Express tour operator, due to the depletion of accommodations in the first months of summer, reservations are made for the end of August, September and October. For example, Gagra and Bichvinta are fully booked until the end of September.

According to the Intourist tour operator, almost all popular places in Abkhazia are booked until October 10.

According to the Multitour tour operator, none of major hotels, boarding houses or sanatoriums can accommodate more people. The Multitour and ICS Travel Group report that tourist can only book small hotels and some places. Allegedly, it is relatively easy to book high-class hotels in September and October, although the demand for vacations in this period is still low.


Tour operators say that the return of Turkey to the Russian market will not affect the cost of holidays in Abkhazia where the load of tourists is 1.5 times higher compared to July 2019.

According to the Dolphin and ICS Travel Grouptour operators,  hotel prices in Abkhazia increased by 10-30% compared to 2019, although holidays in Abkhazia are 15-20% cheaper compared to Sochi. According to the Alean tour operator, staying in Abkhazia is 25% cheaper than in Kuban, and the price of accommodation does not exceed RUB 200,000 per week in the most expensive hotels in Abkhazia.

Interestingly, reports that Sokhumi was ranked the 6th among the ten cheapest vacation spots for Russian pensioners.

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