Dmitry Chernyshenko Visited Abkhazia

2022 / 09 / 16

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dimitri Chernyshenko, is on a working visit to Abkhazia. He met the de facto President, Aslan Bzhania.

The key issue of the meeting was the tourism industry. The "Pearl of the Soviet Union", as Chernyshenko calls Abkhazia, has recently been visited by many Russian vacationers, therefore the tourism potential of the region is great, although it is obvious that it suffers from a lack of modern and functional infrastructure.

Chernishenko put this and other important issues on the agenda of cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia - improvement of “border” crossing points and construction of the Sokhumi airport, which he believes will bring economic growth to the region.

Negotiations on these issues are already underway. 

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