Minister of Health of the Tskhinvali Region Pays a Working Visit to Moscow

2023 / 01 / 25

The Minister of Health and Social Development of the de facto Republic of the Tskhinvali region, Agunda Plyeva, was on a working visit to Moscow and met with his “counterpart,” the Minister of Health of Russia, Mikhail Murashko.

At the meeting, the “parties” discussed the progress of a project – “Modernization of the Healthcare System of the Tskhinvali Region in 2019-2022” in the de facto republic.

As Plieva said, the set plan could not be achieved. Despite the completion of the first stage, which involved the construction of medical facilities, problems arose in terms of providing medical services to the population, on which, according to Plieva, the de facto agency continues to work.

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