Zalina Kobesova on Economic Cooperation Between Russia and Abkhazia

2024 / 04 / 05

In an interview with Sputnik, Russia's Trade Representative in the de facto Republic of Abkhazia, Zalina Kobesova, spoke about the economic processes taking place in the occupied Abkhazia and the progress of economic cooperation with Russia.

According to Kobesova, after 2018, trade turnover between the de facto republic and Russia increased by 70%, from RUB 17.9 billion to RUB 35 billion. According to her, only last year, trade turnover increased by 16%, RUB 4.7 billion, „which indicates an increase in activity between Abkhaz and Russian businesses.“ There is a significant difference in export and import statistics. Over the past year, imports from Russia increased by RUB 3.2 billion, and exports from the de facto republic by RUB 1.5 billion.

Kobesova forecasts that taking into account the development of tourism, agriculture and industry in Abkhazia, the positive dynamics will continue in the coming years. To maintain and increase this momentum, Kobesova considers it necessary to adopt an “Investment Law” which will ensure a number of guarantees from the de facto government to Russian businessmen thus investing will be less risky for then. Kobesova confirms this opinion by the fact that, according to her, there have been cases when Russian businessmen suffered losses with their investments in Abkhazia.

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